E-Stopp Push Button Emergency Brake

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Kindig-It Design has found a great custom solution for the clumsy parking brake in a build. E-Stopp's electric parking brake can be installed out of the way and operated by pushing a billet LED button installed on the dash. Great product, sleek design, simple install, and affordable price. "The E-Stopp push-button emergency brake is the perfect e-brake for custom vehicles and winner of the 2012 NSRA new safety product of the year. It not only frees up room on the chassis and in the cab but doubles as an anti-theft device when the button is hidden. It works with any kind of brake system that can accept an e-brake cable and can mount anywhere on the chassis that you have room. The kit comes with the actuator, the control box w/ switch and wire connectors all at an affordable price."




15" Length

2" Width

1.8" Height

11" Brake Cable

Cable Threads 3/8-16 and 10-24

Control Box:

4.2" Length

2.7" Width

1.6" Height


25mm Billet Button w/ Red LED

Micro Computer Controlled

Kit includes:

  • 1 - Actuator with rugged metal casin

  • 1 - 12v Control box with button or Key Fob

  • 1 - Pack of splicers/connectors

  • 1 - Optional (P) sticker for the button

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